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Ready , Set , SELL! Ways to Help You Prepare for The Sale of Your Home!

When preparing for the sale of your home its important to know the data of similar homes in your neighborhood that have sold or are actively being sold on the market (know your competition!) These comparisons should revolve around homes similar in square footage. Also Included in this calculation is the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, how many garages, lot size and the condition of the home. A qualified Real Estate Brokerage can research and offer you this information free of charge. This report is called a CMA (comparative market analysis) .

Once you have your target number (price point) and have investigated the competition , you can use this information to determine several factors. First, it will give you an idea of the equity you have in the property (amount the house is worth minus what you owe), how much money you will have after the sale to use as a down payment for your next home, what you can afford to fix and most importantly what needs to be fixed based on the competitions pricing and condition of the houses they are selling.. You want to be cautious about over improving the value as you will not get that investment back from the sale. Rather, you want to do what minimally needs to be done prior to competitively listing your home on the market. . In certain cases, you can offer concessions (price reductions or credits) for things you choose not to fix. A qualified realtor can help you with these decisions.


So what are the items that buyers look for in a home for sale. Lets start with the exterior and work inwards. Curb appeal is important. You've heard the phrase coined "first impression is a lasting one." In my experience as a realtor, I have driven to homes with appointments set for a viewing and had my clients chose to abandon the showing due to the properties condition. Fixing up or minor landscaping is such a cheap inexpensive way to lure in buyers. There are many wholesale plant stores where you can fill the back of your SUV for under One Hundred Dollars. Plan a family weekend day where you pull out the dead or unattractive foliage and pop in some new colorful plants. It will make a huge difference. Also make sure each and every plant or tree is trimmed neatly and the grass is cut. Don't have time or prefer to avoid labor? Craigslist or nextdoor is a great place to find a worker for really low daily rates. Make sure walk ways are clear and the front entrance is decluttered.

Painting the exterior your home can be a costly acquisition . And people don't always have the same taste in colors. Chances are after your buyers move in they will repaint the home regardless. If your house has chipping paint or it is dirty, I recommend having it power-washed and simply touch up the areas that have chipped off with a brush. There are many power-washing companies that can get the job done quite inexpensively or rent a power washer for the day. You will also want to clean all pavers both in the front yard and backyard as well. That will make your property "pop". Your backyard should reflect a place of relaxation and it too needs to be decluttered and clean. Throw out or store in the garage, old cushions that represent wear and tear as well as any furniture that showcases its age.

Other items to check is roofing, gutters and windows. Are there any roof tiles missing, do the gutters need to be cleaned, are the screens to all windows intact? Windows should also be cleaned as they reflect how well you have maintained the home.


Moving inside is a whole other ball game as in most cases the workload is much greater. First and foremost we need to de clutter. Buyers need to be able to visualize their own belongings inside your home. This is where we turn the word "home" into "house". The good news is that by de cluttering and placing your personal belongings into boxes stored neatly in the garage, your are one step closer to moving. The house needs to be depersonalize and as neutral as possible. While I don't recommend painting the entire home, you will want to paint any bold or unusually colored rooms. You can also touch up spots of shipped paint and stains on walls.

Paint, and then some. Fresh paint looks clean! If you have untraditional colors, an off white is a good suitable change that will help your house look larger and it will neutralize your 'taste" allowing a buyer to envision their furnisher and belongings in this house. Painting will also cover up all the little cracks that have accumulated over the years. Potential buyers tally up an expense and job list when they view houses. This will give them less to put on their "to do " list. You also want to clean base board and blinds. Window treatments should be neutral as well alongside carpeting. A simple carpet cleaning may be a remedy unless the wear and tear has taken its toll. Home depot sells inexpensive carpeting if it is needed and they can install it as well. items such as Fake plants , magnets on refrigerators , old magazines, and unnecessary clutter need to be disposed of or packed up for your move. Any personal photos or family pictures can also be packed up at this time. Remember , its important to de-personalize the home and turn it back into a house.

Once you and the buyer enter into a contract , the buyer will have a window of time to perform an inspection. You may be aware of things that are broken or not working well. Anything that requires fixing will be brought to your attention. It would be beneficial prior to the inspection to repair things such as plumbing, roof, and electric . It can be financially beneficial for you to do the repairs as opposed to giving the buyers a financial "credit" towards the repairs. Especially if your handy and can do the work yourself. Necessary repairs will surely show up in the home inspection. Fix that switch that doesn't turn off correctly, or the running toilet in the guest bathroom that doesn't seem to flush correctly and all other items that fall into the category of "not working right"

Alternatively, You can also sell your home 'as is" and make the price reflect the amount a buyer will need to spend to bring the house value back to "a fair marketable home". Selling a home can be stressful and worrisome; but it doesn't have to be

Proper preparation will compensate for later worries. Have a strategy to stick to and ask the advise of a professional when


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