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Today’s prices are the highest now and this won't last. If you are considering selling your​ home now you will sell it for more than it will ever be worth in the upcoming future.

• Stock Market has declined approx. 25% in 2022 with a
loss of about 8 trillion dollars which is the biggest.
decline since 2008.
• Washington Mutual Bank failed with about 212 billion and Silicone Valley Nation Bank
with over 300 billion. Which is the biggest decline since 2008.
• High inflation and cost of living and not coming down and continuing to rise up.
• migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border with 206,239 reported in November 2022. Also
coming in through Canadian borders.
• Our team must prepare ourselves to accumulate more money
• Interest rates doubled since December 2021 and are approx.
as of 3/13/2023 7.2% which has been affecting the real estate.
prices on every month and quarter that goes by. Christine and I traded in a car this.
weekend and with a credit score of high 7’s low 8’s the interest rate was 8.35%
• Major concern would be the tension between our country, Russia, China and North
Korea. It is my opinion that before the elections, things will get worse.
• Over 100,000 drug overdoses in America in the last year mostly with the drug fentanyl
which is made by China and Mexico. The cartel along Texas/Mexican border have been
importing narcotics and mostly fentanyl.

50,000 + stores will close and substantially more stores to come


Children’s Place- 300
American Eagle 250
Pier 1 Import- 942

CVS- 900
Gap/Banana Republic- 225
Walmart- 357
Bed Bath & Beyond- 350
Sears- 95
Best Buy- 60
Disney- 119Brooks Brothers- 126
JC Penny- 175
Bath & Body Works 50
AT&T- 25

Godiva- 128

Amazon- 66Microsoft- 66

GNC- 1200
Nordstroms- 16
Victoria’s Secret- 300
Walgreens- 200
Century 21- 13
Kay Jewelers- 150

Rite Aid- 145
Macys- 131
Godiva- 128
Amazon- 66
Microsoft- 66
Game Stop- 557
Rite Aid- 145
Macys- 131

Microsoft- 66

Being in the industry a little less than 4 decades, and always analyzing the real estate market, it is my
very strong opinion that homes will have price adjustments through out America. Palm Beach County
in Jan of 2022 until Jan 2023 (just for January only) had a decline of only 6%. Since January up until
today March 2023 I have seen a decline. Florida will hold its value more than other states as we are the
Golden State and people will always come here. Today’s prices for anyone who is considering selling
are going to sell for more than they will in the upcoming months and throughout the next years to


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James Madalone, a full-time licensed Broker/Owner, is an experienced professional offering a unique background in real estate. James remains one of the top real estate professionals in the industry, with an impressive career highlighted by several excellent accomplishments - 





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