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Christine Prestininzi represents Palm Beach Real Estate and all areas within a 50 mile radius of Palm Beach County.  She is progressive and compelled to do the best job possible. She  looks forward to your business and friendship.




The level of difficulty increases when selling a luxury home in Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, Broward County or Martin County. For instance, a Palm Beach mansion or Palm Beach Estates statistically sit on the market for longer periods of time. With the increasing level of difficulty, Christine Prestininzi will offer an increased level of expertise that is required to market and sell a luxury home.

It’s extremely important that a luxury home is priced competitively from the beginning. It is more common for a luxury home to sit on the market for longer than a lower priced home. However, with advanced marketing, this can be avoided. She utilizes state of the art marketing technology (photography, videos, virtual tours and drones) coupled with submission to very articulate websites catering to this type of sale, direct emailing and social media to ensure maximum exposure. A concrete strategy is formalized and sustained from beginning to end result.

Commercial Real Estate

& Land


Christine will assist you in your next commercial or Land Real Estate transaction. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Retail property leases for commercial tenants, i.e. malls, strip malls, and other types of shopping centers, Residential apartments (high rise apartments, garden apartments, etc.), any type of hotel or motel. She also handle all aspects of residential, commercial and agricultural land for sale in Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County and Broward County.

Although commercial real estate investing can be extremely lucrative, there are many unique challenges which is why we recommend that you work with experienced professionals to help guide you through the process. We can also help you acquire Land for sale in Palm Beach County. She will work with you on the zoning codes and ordinances. Please do not hesitate to call us her for any type of guidance or help with your commercial investment or land needs.





Christine realizes the necessity in achieving a stress-free move from start to finish. She will go above and beyond to help ease the transition, educate you on the neighborhood and get you acclimated to the area.

She can also help assist you from another state, by sending you personalized video tours of a Palm Beach County property, St. Lucie County, Martin County real estate and Broward County real estate prior to your arrival. Christine can also research, refer and recommend local agents in your selling vicinity to list your home confidently.  She looks forward to welcoming you into her “neck of the palms.”

Always Available to Assist With Your Palm Beach Real Estate Needs

Palm Beach County property is a hot commodity in Florida! Home is where the beach is, and with the high demand for real estate properties on the rise, you should consult  the experts at NextHome Real Estate Executives for your next real estate transaction. Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. That’s why it's essential to have a palm beach realtor with  award-winning experience in all aspects of real estate.  Our goal at NextHome Real Estate Executives is to guide you through the buying and selling process so that you are confident and comfortable during the entire palm beach county property transaction.

Buying or Renting


Christine will assist you in preparing and planning for your next home purchase. She is  dedicated to finding you the best possible home within a reasonable period of time. There are several factors that make this transaction smooth.

It is important for you, the buyer, to understand the purpose of pre-approval for a smoother transaction. I will also advise you on any additional costs or fees associated with closing on your home, as well as insurance requirements and HOA guidelines and covenants. I can also assist with short sales, foreclosures, and investment properties.

She is highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable with all aspects pertaining to Palm Beach real estate. She works with the most experienced team to ensures that the transaction will be an uplifting experience.

Listing Your Home


Marketing your home involves several factors. Her goal is to see that all of these factors are achieved. To meet this goal, you can expect determination, well-trained and experienced team members working as a team on your behalf.

One of the things She does is research similar homes that have sold or are currently under contract to determine your homes fair market value. This practice is called a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). I then can offer you 10 simple tips to stage your home (if needed) which can make a big difference to homebuyers, and in return potentially generate a higher selling price and quicker closing. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Your home will be photographed professionally, She uses drone aerial footage and virtual tours, and then expose your home to highly trafficked sites. She will also engage in open houses, if desired, to assure that your home has extra visibility. She never underestimate the power of strong negotiations and the art of communication along with the skill of working with other realtors or buyers. SHe will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to your closing date.

She garantees that she will  employ the industry’s latest technological tools to give you every possible advantage in selling your home.

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